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Lady Hypnora – Hypnotic Erotica – Mind Control – Hypnosis Download – MP3

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We have improved our service at Hypnogateway. You can now subscribe, download and train hypnotically with ME, LADY HYPNORA. I know you want to be MINE.
READ all My guiding words, FOLLOW Me, LADY HYPNORA, and EN-TRANCE with ME shortly. COME-IN!

You may contact Me, LADY HYPNORA, at: contact page


"The BEST in Erotic Hypnosis"

Downloads will be available for SEPARATE purchase rather than being provided under a regular membership subscription.

pendelLady Hypnora

...imagine me, Lady Hypnora, leading you into my Realm of Hypnosis Erotic Desire. Extract your Fantasies with my enticing and dominant voice. Experience Hypnosis Power, your erotic feelings and hypnosis control you desire so much. Willingly you let my powerful words, my Erotic Audio, enter your mind...just like right NOW...let it happen. Hypnosis Control. Allow my enchanting words to flow deeper and deeper inside of you. Feel My dominant Hypnosis Erotic, My empathy and enticing guidance. Visualize ME, your Hypno Mistress and experience MY powerful voice, erotic audio. Feel your hypno fetish cravings deep inside of you . And NOW experience ME, as you let "it" flow through your entire body. Follow ME, "it" feels so good to be hypnotized by ME, Lady Hypnora your only Hypno Mistress.


...imagine searching for your "Erotic Fantasies – Hypnosis Erotic Destiny" and discover the amazing hypnosis power. Isn’t "it" all inside of you or is "it" in the stars? Your "Erotic Hypnotic Horoscope" may guide you to your "Erotic Hypnotic Destiny" and willingly you open your mind to Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress and HER enticing words with hypnosis power.. Getting curious? Well, there is only one way to find out....

Come In to the Hypnosis Erotic Hypnogateway and Read Submit NOW....


...imagine Me, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress and my Gallery pictures. Experience your quest for hypnosis erotic, your cravings for Hypno Fetish while watching the tempting photos. Unleash your most "Intimate Sexual Desires" with each of one my erotic pictures while you are feeling hypnosis power and sexual enjoyment all through your body. Feel it...Hypnosis Erotic pure just like you are experiencing "it" and with my hypnosis control, right now. Craving my hypnotic voice your Erotic Audio and the sound of My dominating words, erotic audio, your body is feeling so good. Your Mind already opens automatically to Me, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress, while visualizing mentally my enticing body.

Come In, See and Listen to me, Lady Hypnora your only Hypno Mistress.

watchRecordings /MP3s

...imagine listening to my "Enchanting Hypnotic Voice" Erotic Audio on my very own recorded MP3s. Be captivated and seduced by my powerful words, Erotic Audio, entering your mind during each Hypnotic Erotic Audio Session. Experience me, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress using Hypnosis Control. Experience Hypnosis Power while you listen to me. Follow me through my Stargate open up to me ...Lady Hypnora. It feels so good to be hypnotized by me. Erotic Audio, my compelling voice, will seduce you to be my hypnotic victim forever to keep. All my MP3s, erotic audio you can download safely from my website

Come In
...what are you waiting for...Follow Me, your Hypno Mistress Lady Hypnora... listen NOW....


...imagine, your craving to be HER for such a long time. Feel the Hypno Fetish of femininity inside of your body. You desire to transform into your favorite Female or My feminine Hypno Slave. With me, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress and Hypnosis Power you will train your Feminine Erotic Desires. I will lead you through my Stargate and transforming you into HER. Hypnotic Feminization is your Hypno Fetish. With erotic audio and my Hypnosis Control experience the touch of Silky Pantyhose, High Heels and perform the Cat Walk, train to use Make-Up: Lipstick, Eyeliner, Rouge...., maybe riding on my Bike while holding on to the Sissy Bars, or wearing Sexy Lingerie..... getting excited, right NOW?

Good my Feminine Hypno Slave ... ENTER my Stargate and transform with Hypnotic Feminization Training into your desirable Female with ME, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress right NOW....


...imagine, craving your Hypno Fetish: Submissive Erotic Fantasies. Surrender to Me your ONLY Dominant Female Hypnotist, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress.

I expect you to OBEY all MY controlling words Hypno Slave. Follow MY orders and submit to MY rules Hypno Slave. You belong to me, just get it. I hypnotically seduce and keep you to be MINE for evermore with Hypnosis Power .

And NOW I order you to Submit to MY Hypnotic Erotic Realm penetrated with Hypnosis Erotic Power to be My submissive Hypno Slave.

Hypnosis Control,

Come In and serve Me your Hypno Mistress, Lady Hypnora!

Good ... I am commanding you En-Trance,Submit right NOW...

Alpha HAlpha H

...imagine, transforming on my, Lady Hypnora’s planet, "Alpha H", where you my Hypno Slave may experience your "Ultimate Hypnosis Erotic Fantasies".

"Alpha H" is my planet of "Dominance"& “Submission”. Your destination for "Hypno Fetish" and all "Hypnosis Erotic Pleasures". Allow your mind with Erotic Audio to explore your sexual fantasies you could never experience before. Feel deep inside of you my Hypnosis Control. "Alpha H" unlocks your secret door with your Hypnosis Erotic Desire. I, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress am the KEY to your ultimate sexual enjoyment.

The "En-Trance" to Alpha H is near. Ask for permission to land.

Beg me Now little one, Beg Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress, say the words to ME:

Hypnotize ME... Come on DO IT: please, Lady Hypnora Hypnotize Me, I am on My knees!


...imagine experiencing your "Erotic Hypno Fetish" with hypnosis power and me, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress at my Hypnosis Erotic Realm on

...imagine feeling the touch, smell and sound of soft and dominating Leather, wrapped in a tight Latex Suit, kneeling in front of my Feet and my High Heels while admiring my long and sexy legs and begging to be hypnotized by Me.

...imagine being My Hypno Slave tied up with Ropes, Rudens, Words and Scarves, Invisible Ropes as my Bondage Victim. Feel the hypnosis power. Knots and the tightness, helpless, caged, bound in one spot, unable to move. Ready to serve and happy in your humiliation as my little one.

...imagine being my Submissive Hypno Slave craving more of my seductive Domination and total Hypnosis Control. Surrender to ME, Obey and Submit to Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress. Enslaved for Evermore, it is your destiny to be MINE.

...imagine my Exquisite Perfect Feet your Hypno Fetish, you worship so much. You are enslaved with Hypnosis Power by my Seductive Feet with my painted red toenails, keeping and pushing you on the floor, where you belong, right under my Dominating Feet. That is part of my Hypnosis Control.

...imagine me, Lady Hypnora, your Hypno Mistress enhancing your power of sexual stimulation. Orgastic Vigara. Envision being the hottest stud on the block with Hypnosis Power. Feeling more powerful each time you listen to me and my voice, Erotic Audio Vigara.

...imagine sexy, tight, long Boots, Overknees either Leather or Latex. Now feel the excitement of your Hypno Fetish while thinking about that, right NOW.

...imagine... Hypnosis Control. I, Lady Hypnora, will be in total control of your orgasm. I command you with hypnosis power when, where and how ... do you understand? Good. I will rule and you are willingly my Orgasmic Hypno Slave.

...imagine my words, my voice through erotic audio and my body you worship so much. Each and every part of my royal and sexy hot body will take with hypnosis control of you.

Hypnosis Erotic will flow inside of you. Taking you deeper and deeper into a state of Erotic hypnosis .... my soft, long, blond hair cascades down my shoulders like a waterfall, my hypnotic blue eyes, my intoxicating red lips, my charming smile, my dominating red painted fingernails.

.... imagine me, Lady Hypnora your Empathic Dominant Hypnotist on your destiny... Submit Now little one ... Come In. The "Best in Erotic Hypnosis" Lady Hypnora's Erotic Realm - Hypnotic Erotic Fantasy Hypnotisch Erotische Phantasie - Hypnotic Dominance Hypnotische Dominanz - Erotische Hypnose - Mind Control - Stories Voice Recordings/MP3s - Hypno Times - Training - I love to hypnotize YOU... follow ME... Lady Hypnora

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